How to Hack Gmail Account

Yes! It's true that every lock has a key. The thing is that we should have that key to open any lock. Gmail accounts can also be hacked easily. But it is kept secret just because people start misusing these tricks to harm innocents. So, before going through the below trick, the following are the things you should be aware of:

1)   Use this trick for fun only. You can hack Gmail IDs of your friends to make some fun and to be superior among them.
    2) There is no any software in actual, which can hack a Gmail account and retrieve their password. So, if you come across a site selling any "Email Hacking Software", don't trust it. A Gmail account can be hacked only by some tricks, and not by a single click to any software.
    3) Never trust any service claiming the hacking a Gmail account in just for $100 or $200. All those kind of paid services are fraud!

The following method is one of the working trick to hack a Gmail account. Follow these steps to get any Gmail password.

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.                    

Step 2: Compose a new mail.
Step 3: In subject box type " PASSWORD RECOVERY "

Step 4: Write this in message box.

(First Line)- Email address you want to hack.
(Second Line)- Your Gmail address
(Third Line)- Your Gmail account password
(Fourth Line) - <pwdcursive><
{simply copy and paste above.}

Step 5: Send this to -

How it works: You contact to a system administrators automatic responder via email.
Usually only system administrators can use this, but when you
try it with your own password and mail this message from your Gmail account
the server gets confused!
Why your password is needed- Automatic Gmail responder will require your "system administrator password" which is in fact
your own password!!! But the server will be confused and it will not be able to get that it is done intentionally to retrieve a password of someone else's Gmail account.

 This is an awesome trick and works only one time with one unique Gmail ID. Have fun! :)

Note: Use a Gmail Account you have been using from at least past 30 Days, otherwise Gmail Admin may take it as a new/temporary account and this trick may not work. Moreover Use this trick soon otherwise this flaw can be rectified soon.